It Is The Age of The Dwarf

​I find it funny, that I have gotten so far in this story without introducing, the Dwarf.

Who is the Dwarf you ask?

The Dragon And Wifey had a few marvellous years with the Unicorn. That was until the Dwarf was born. I would like to say, that with the birth of the Dwarf changed nothing about our story. But it is never like that.

With the Dwarf’s birth, came the age of change. Now, the Dragon and Wifey, had two children to provide for. And that got rid of every bit of happy spirit they had in them. And the Unicorn lost everything about his home,  that made it Home.

Now it wasn’t a home. It was a regime. It was a routine. Life became about his studying only.

The Dragon found a gathering of dragons who taught children of other dragons how to  fight. As he would be working most of the day, there would be nobody to pay attention to his studies. So the Dragon became giddy with excitement, when he found the school.

Even though, the birth of the Dwarf changed everything, the Unicorn still loved him. He was the tiniest creature, the land had seen.
The Unicorn could see Wifey, was paying more attention to the Dwarf. But unlike other children, he never took this as a problem. He saw his mother loving this baby, and he loved it too.

I will never know, how the Unicorn found in himself, this maturity to accept his younger sibling with as much love as he had in him. I will never know, the exact moment the Unicorn grew up. I will never know what made him grow up. But one thing I know for sure. The Unicorn had grown up. And he grew up, much, much earlier than he should have.

There would be a lot more that the Dwarf would change. There would be fights the Unicorn would fight. Change is inevitable.  And things would change,  many times over. But for now, the story had a new character. An important one, too.

“Are you still with me?
This journey needs travelling.
I need you to travel this journey with me.
It is the only way of finding the truth.
So are you with me

– The Rebel.


“Love is magic at it’s very best” 

​One of the first things,the Unicorn learnt from ‘ The Whispering Tree’ was that  Love is the one thing that conquers everything.

“Love is beyond any other feeling and it overpowers any other reasoning. Love is anywhere and everywhere.”

“Creatures show Love in the most unusual ways ever.” The tree would say, ” Never forget that, my son, Love is what will make you different. Your love, is what will make you,you”

The Unicorn, fell a little bit more in love, with love, everyday.
The thing is, family is what teaches us how to love. We open our eyes for the first time, and we see them. We learn how to love from them.

Our family, fights to keep us happy. Our family is always there. When nothing else remains, it is family which helps us.

The Unicorn grew up thinking his family never loved him. He felt unloved from the second, the Dragon, towered over him. Him, a powerless mess.
One must never underestimate the feeling of Love.  Or the lack of it. The lack of Love established the personality of the Unicorn. He felt there was nothing about him, that could be loved.

What the Unicorn never knew was that,  Of course The Dragon and Wifey loved him. How couldn’t they? He was their son. But they never managed to show it, without reducing the Unicorn to tears. They thought they were caring for their child.

You tell me though? Is this healthy? Spending most of the childhood, in tears. Spending most moments together, fighting. Back then, there was nothing the Unicorn could do. He didn’t even know this was out of the blue. He felt this is how families behave.

Long, long after, when he found a friend, who became his family, he realised what he went through everyday, wasn’t what everyone went through.

“Stay with me. Stay with me because there is hope.

Stay with me because one day, the Unicorn will love

-The Rebel.

The Whispering Tree

One day, after the Dragon had left for his work, the Unicorn ran out to the meadows. He wasn’t running away. No, he only wanted to breathe in peace. He wanted to breathe in air which was not polluted by the Dragon’s smoke.
He ran as far as the day took him. He ran to his heart’s content. It was the first time in his life, that he felt free. He felt that, for once, he could be who he wanted to be.
As he was returning from the edge of the meadows, he heard a force beckoning him. The force pulled him, as if it had a voice of its own. With a startle he realised,  it did.
” Come forth, my son”, It said,” I await you.”
It seemed to be coming from nowhere and everywhere at once. He left like the nature was talking to him. So he followed the voice,  the beckoning of the voice,  so powerful.
As he was pulled towards it, he saw the place, he would soon come to love. The place, he would go to when nothing felt right. The place he would run to, when he wanted to escape the Dragon.

Just a little bit away, from the Dragon’s Lair, was a small clearing, with a gnarled, old, majestic tree at its centre.

Make no mistake. This wasn’t a tree like any other. This tree was called ‘The Whispering Tree’
As he entered the clearing, suddenly his world was upside down. He felt feelings he didn’t even know he could feel.
The tree spoke to him again, ” Hello, my son, I have been waiting for you, I welcome you with open arms, for this is the place you can be whatever you want to be.”
” This is the place, you will never be judged. ”
The Unicorn was baffled by the sheer beauty of this place. It was a place like he had never seen before. He sat by the tree. The tree, took him as his own. He accepted the child for who he was. He told him what he needed to know. He told him of stories of the far,far land.

Every day, the Unicorn would go to his hideout. He would give in to the majesty of the ‘Whispering Tree ‘. The tree soon became his only solace. The poor Unicorn had no friends, he only had his tree. And to him, it was enough.
‘The Whispering Tree’ emerged him in worlds  stranger than his own, and distracted him from his own sorrows.

With the help of the tree, the Unicorn became who he was destined to be. He learned to survive with the Dragon. He survived without having to give in.

He finally, found his voice again.
And now, it was stronger than ever.

-The Rebel.

Dragon Tales 

​Most people aren’t clear cut protagonists or even antagonists. There are feelings and emotions that drive them. In their own way, they are right. They are trying to get what they want. Isn’t it unfortunate when what they want is against your peace?

Our Dragon was a character like that. He felt he had no one left in this world.  He felt he was doing the right thing. He thought making his child like him, was the only way to making him capable. But this, does not make what he did right. He ruined the Unicorn’s life from its very beginning and more than that he ruined Wifey’s life.

Him and Wifey had a different equation. Sometimes she went along with him,  sometimes she sided with the Unicorn. But it wasn’t nearly as simple as the Unicorn thought. Really, what she had been through was much more complicated.

To Wifey, her parents meant everything. She would have given up her life, and the entire world, in service to them. Mama and Papa Elf  had raised her well. She knew how one mustn’t force opinions upon another. She knew what the Dragon did at times,was wrong.
To make things worse than they even could be, the Dragon detested Mama and Papa Elf. He didn’t voice it so obviously in front of the Unicorn but he always knew. How bad was it to Wifey? That the people she grew up worshipping wouldn’t be a part of her life anymore?

Once Mama and Papa Elf gifted Wifey with something she loved. For reasons known completely to the Dragon himself, he caused havoc in their house, outraged at the Elves’ audacity to gift something to his wife. Maybe he felt that the Elves’ felt that he wasn’t competent enough to give her what she wanted.
Soon Wifey could barely meet her family. This broke her. But the Dragon was responsible for her survival. Without him, she would be dead within minutes. It wasn’t an easy world for an Elf with a child. So she stayed with him, trying to calm his wrath. Trying to making it easier to stay with him.

But after years and years of living with him,  Wifey was at least halfway under his spell. Even though she tried her best to keep the Unicorn safe and happy, sometimes she would give in to the Dragon’s wishes, and torture him as well. If she wouldn’t,  the Dragon would torch her.

In this, our characters fell into a quiet spell. The same story repeating itself day after day.

If it wasn’t for the ‘Whispering Tree’ I wonder how the Unicorn would have turned out to be.
-The Rebel.


When the Unicorn was merely a few days old he got out of his home and ran away to the meadows. Sure a fellow dragon friend of the Dragon got him back, but that was the day a spark of freedom arose in him.
The Unicorn always seemed to be pulled towards freedom. Since the very beginning. Smart, but distracted, the Dragon thought. The Unicorn was almost always scorched from the Dragon’s anger. The Dragon taught him everyday. How to Fight. How to Scare. How to Hunt. And How to Blow Fire.
Now tell me…Have you ever heard of a Unicorn who breathed fire?
How can a creature born for something completely different blow fire?  He physically wasn’t equipped to do it.
He wanted to graze. He wanted to run. He wanted to go far far away. He wanted, to be happy.

But the Dragon never understood him. He wanted his son to have the exact thoughts as him. How dare he think of running? Wasn’t he the mighty Dragon’s son? He was bent on stamping it out of him.
He said, ” Running doesn’t help you survive.  Fighting does.”
And the Unicorn, fought his inner voice. He fought everyday, till there came a point where it was no where to be found. He no longer had a voice. As far as a he could hear, it was only the Dragon’s voice.

The Unicorn never really had any friends. The Dragon didn’t like any distractions. There were a few elves maybe, a minotaur….even a fox. But they never stayed long.
In a few years, the Dragon found an elite group of Dragons who made use of their fire to make tools. The Dragon was hooked. He joined them almost immediately. In turn for his work, he got food and supplies for survival. He now started going away for most of the day. But he had not forgotten about the Unicorn and his education.
Every moment he was home, was spent on sculpting the child, into a dragon.
The Unicorn detested this, but now, at least he had the rest of the day to himself. It was during this time, that the Unicorn discovered, The Whispering Tree.

-The Rebel.

The Little Fire Breathing Monster

This story isn’t really about the Dragon. It’s not really about me ( The Rebel) either. It’s about a lot more.

It’s about drowning our voices. It’s about fighting for what you want. All of us have a dragon in our life. By the end, I hope you learn to fight against it. Or at least recognise who it is.

But for now, let’s stick to the dragon. The poor little beast. Most stories start from birth, ours begins with death. I’m sorry, but that’s how life likes to creep up on us.Unlike most other dragons ours is not wrong…or even right. But I’ll let you decide that.

Our dragon was a young, carefree, fire-breathing, little monster. He did as he felt , his fire was the tale of a thousand places. No one seemed to stop talking about him. He was feared and loved ( I realised these two aren’t much different) by all.

But disaster, it doesn’t leave the good ones out( or anyone for that matter) For while he was away, a wave came in, and swallowed his family whole. The poor beast, for all his faults, loved his family with every bit of love he had in him. And now most of them, were dead. I say most, because he wasn’t all alone. No Sir, he had a Wifey.

Now Wifey, She came from a family of elves. ( hey don’t ask me… creatures married all sorts of things back then.) Wifey had grown up, in the happiest house in the world. Her parents meant the world to her. She was a kind thing. She calmed the Dragon’s fire. She was the only thing that kept the Dragon sane.

The Dragon was stuck in time. It felt like he had moved on. But he was stuck in his trauma. He was stuck in the death of him family. So he forgot to be there for the only things that remained in his life.

Now Wifey had a baby( DO NOT get into technicalities. ..ours is a weird world) But do imagine. What kind of a baby would a dragon and an elf have. It was as gruesome and as beautiful as a creature could be at the same time. That’s what it was. A paradox.

Um for our conviniece, let’s call him The Unicorn. Because all he wanted was to be unique. Different. Unprecedented. Weird.

The Dragon expected a lot. He expected so much from the Unicorn. His first child. He expected the Unicorn to be all he could never be. He expected the Unicorn to fill the void of his extinguished family.

“And that’s where the storm begins. From expectations. As always.
But wait,
As there is more to come

-The Rebel

How To Deal With The Dragon

Okay so if you came here thinking I’m gonna write something about taming a dragon ( not that that’s not cool) I’m sorry to disappoint you.

But if you’re here with me, for the long run ( don’t worry there won’t be any running involved, you can chill) then I suggest you buckle up, this ride, it’s going to be a crazy one.

So back to the dragon in the room ( didya see what I did there😉.) Over the course you are going to figure out who it is, I hope you do. I really hope someone figures it out.

But there are things you need to know, if you’re going to take this trip with me. Wait I’m gonna write up a list for you.


1.) Leave your opinions at the door, my tiger ( meow) will take good care of them.

2.) Carry earphones, at times it gets too overwhelming for your ears. You don’t wanna have a panick attack here. Believe me.

3.) Patience. Carry an entire suitcase full of it. There’s no surviving in my house without it.

4. ) Oh btw, you left your voice at the door too right? …I’m sorry there’s only one voice which rules this place. Any guesses? No. Well it’s the dragon.

Um…I guess that’s all…

So without any further ado. Let’s get started. If anywhere along the way, you find something….um well dysfunctional, Don’t tell me. I have to live here for a while. God knows I’ve lived here long enough to not realise what’s wrong or right anymore. But I hope you see it. I can’t be the only one witnessing this world anymore ( nope, not schizophrenic don’t worry)

All right kiddo, tie your seat belt. I’ll see you on the inside.

– The Rebel.