Arrival Of The Bud

After his wrath died, the Unicorn sat aside, broken. He had never known that about himself. How could he just go up to her and do what he did?
He was supposed to be the quiet, loving person. At least that’s how he saw himself. But then he felt that anger. And honestly it was a drug. It felt like the way he assumes the Dragon’s well water tasted.
He couldn’t wait to do more of it. But even in this young age he knew that it was not right.
But that’s how his brain was. And this is where it began. Him liking and getting pulled towards things that would wreck him. He wouldn’t know it for a long time.
He would make so many many mistake.
The real trouble starts here.
The place where he became who he was.
And it starts with him. His closest friend. The first friend he ever had.
The Bud came in so unexpectedly. The Unicorn never ever thought he would matter so much to him.
The Bud was called that because he was a socializer. There was not one creature in the Belonging that he didn’t talk to. He was everywhere. So it would make no sense that he would approach the Unicorn.
The Bud was also friends with The Pixie. And hence, The Unicorn did not feel like there would ever be a time when he would talk to The Bud.
But so many times in life and love, we end up doing things that we never thought we would do. It is always unprecedented.
The Bud was the perfect image of perfect for The Unicorn. Even though he did not go along with him, he still did respect him.
One fine day, The Bud came up to The Unicorn. He was as stunned as he could be. He jumped. His horn almost cut a hole in The Bud.
The Bud wanted to make it okay with him and the Pixie.
And as expected of our protagonist, he gave in to it.
He did not give into it just because of The Pixie at all. He gave in because The Bud tried. No one had ever given any thought to her. No one had bothered at all.
The Bud made everything okay with The Unicorn and The Pixie. They were children. These kind of things happen between them. But The Unicorn would never forget. He was willing to forgive because he could not wait to have an actual friend again.
And that is where The Bud walked in. He was a contrasting character. He was a lot of colours splashed on to each other. He was a dash of red. But he was also a smear of black. You would never really know whether you love him or hate him.
The Bud walked in and out of The Unicorn’s life for quite some time. He was just someone The Unicorn would see in the grasses.
But then out of the sudden dark blue, he came up to The Unicorn.
Held him tight.
And never let him go.
“The Bud would change every thing. How The Unicorn saw his life. How The Unicorn saw himself.”
“ Where there are hidden decisions, there are regrets. Will our protagonist find the hidden lines he needs to or will he regret it?”

– The Rebel.



Creatures Of Betrayal

As fate has it,the Unicorn ran into the only creatures who would cause him the most harm. Maybe just as close as the wrath of the Dragon.

Our Unicorn went to his school and sat with the Belonging. His Belonging consisted of the best of the creatures in the Land. The little ones of creatures who mattered . And that gave them all the liberty to matter.

Our Unicorn grew up in a place which taught him that he didn’t matter. So he believed it. He believed in it with as much he had in him.
He didn’t believe in anything as much as he believed in not loving himself.

So within these people who were taught by every creature that they have in then something that makes them special, he felt alone and far away.

Now the Unicorn was used to loneliness. It was the one feeling he woke up to and the one feeling he slept to. But the alone he felt when he was on his own was very different from the alone he felt when he was surrounded with creatures from all around.

He never felt like he could go talk to him. He was not only just insecure about his family, but also his looks. He was mocked for the spots everywhere he went. He had spots everywhere.

Even in front of his eyes.

They blinded him and he sat there in his darkness and talked to nobody. For years people talked sweetly to his face and then went and talked about him behind his horn.
The Unicorn as it is obvious will notice everything, and say nothing. He never said anything ever. Not to the Dragon and not the creature children.

It was a long time of sitting around in the meadows and listening to the advice the Tree had to give.

The Tree told him stories of creatures like him. About a young elf who fought his way out of the lair of monsters. About an unusual relationship between a Minotaur and an Elf.
It took the Unicorn years to even find someone he could talk to. And when he did find someone, it was the wrong person.

It was a pixie. The thing I’m going to tell you about pixies is that they look harmless. They come dressed as fairies.

If today I was told to guess who is a pixie and who is s fairy from two creatures, it will be virtually impossible.

It’s only the glint in the eye. And that glint most of us always miss.

And the Unicorn was the kindest of the lot. The first thought that came to his head was never the negative one. He couldn’t bear to think bad about people.

So when the Pixie befriended the Unicorn he was as happy as he could be. This Pixie who resembled a fairy was also outcasted by her clan.

For a few time lapses they did Every thing together. They talked, They laughed. He trotted, she flew.

He assumed that it was a fairy. He had heard the Tree share the fondest memories of a fairy it had known. He was giddy with excitement of a first friend.

It wasn’t long till the Pixie came out of the shadows with and added green glint in her eyes.

One day the Unicorn waited for the Pixie for the entire evening in the Meadow. She didn’t show up. Then he waited another day. And another.

Until the day he encountered her in the Belonging. She was sitting with a group of elves and dwarfs. They were laughing so much that their breaths were sucked back in with force.

Then they spotted her. They stopped laughing for a second. The Pixie then said something to her Band and they burst out laughing, looking at the Unicorn.

The Unicorn was humiliated. He was a quiet child. Never caused much trouble. But stress comes at people in different ways. The Unicorn resorted to violence.

The once timid unicorn had now become a savage beast. His mind had transformed into one which could not deal with someone treating him like the Pixie did.

At home he was still scared and sitting in corner. But that day when he saw the Pixie betray him and leave him for someone better, something inside of him changed.

The next day, he went over to the Pixie. He had a stony look to his face. He was trying so hard to be cold and heartless, but he was scared. He was shivering.

He went up and made a shot at the Pixie with his horn. Unicorns are creatures of great power. Their horns can end hearts in seconds and their blood could revive creatures.
But ours had never felt that power. He had felt powerless in every part of his life. That was till he realised what he could do.

His wrath was far different from the one the Dragon possessed. It would take him a long time to realise how to control it. Because his power , if used well could get him anywhere he wanted.

And anywhere was away from here.

“The Unicorn was now quietly creeping into that part of his life which would make him, or break him.”

“All we have to see is, 

Does he survive it? “

– The Rebel

Diplomatic Beast

It happens so often that we read an entire book thinking a character is one the ‘good’ side and then towards the end of the book they ever so slightly change their side, and show us who they are. Fret not, we too have a character like this. It was as if this story was meant to be written. Such great,conflicted characters. But can you imagine how it would be to live with these creatures?

I can feel what torment the Unicorn has been going through. I can feel his will to live creeping up his throat and almost finding a way out. But that is yet to come. That is a result of years and years of surviving in the toxic atmosphere, that he was forced to believe as home.
I have been putting Wifey as a helpless character in front of you. For one, because she seems to be that way. But this is the person who taught the Unicorn that never be too quick to perceive somebody. For, they can turn on you within seconds.

Now Wifey came from a place where all creatures were brethren. Where all creatures lived together in the utmost harmony. So when she moved in to a place which was ready to rip her in to pieces. She did the only thing she felt she could have done to remain alive. She became toxic too.
We all know how the Dragon is. He is irrational, violent and a tsunami. But that’s all his faults at face value. The Wifey however, might just seem to you as the sweetest person you know. God knows, the Unicorn believed it for years. But this one, tis the one that shouldn’t be trusted. There never has been a person more….let’s say more ‘cunning’ than her. It confused the Unicorn to such a point that he felt alien in his own home. There were times when the Wifey fought against the Dragon, in order to save her children. The Unicorn thought she wanted to save them from his wrath. But little did he know, it is never that simple. There were times when Wifey teamed up with the Dragon and feasted on the hopes and dreams of the children. What brought about this? What made Wifey change her place so often? I have for you, an answer. She only fought for herself. Cunning as she is, she would be on the side most suitable for her. The side which would benefit her the most. And as unfortunate as it was, the side that she was on would be the winning one.
This was all when the Unicorn didn’t know any better. When he still believed they were right. It was not until he started his battle that he put them in their own place.
Wifey would be from now on, a character who’s smallest move should not be taken lightly. You look away for a second, and she has already betrayed you.
This is the creature to be aware of.
This is the creature who will let you down.

– The Rebel

The Dwarf’s Advocate 

​As the Unicorn grew up, he started getting the courage to stand up against him. This was not an overnight thing. It was a slow process, over years and years.

The Unicorn began by thinking what he would say to the Dragon. There was a time where he couldn’t possibly imagine himself saying those things. That thought itself scared him.

As the Whispering Tree, taught him the right way of life, the Unicorn defied the Dragon every day in the smallest ways. This defiance. Keep this defiance in mind. Because this spark would one day, turn into a bout of absolute destruction.

The Unicorn still didn’t know where the Dragon was going wrong, but he knew this wasn’t right. And he never said a word when it was him being torched.
Unfortunately this meant, the anger would be bottled inside. And this wasn’t good for either of them.

For one day, it would erupt right out of the Unicorn and engulf the Dragon whole. And that day, would obviously come.

The first spark of rebellion I seem to recall, was the time the Dragon torched the Dwarf.

By this time, the Unicorn and the Dwarf had the relationship like most siblings.  They fought over stupid things every five minutes and soon after they’d lay laughing and playing around.

As soon as the Dwarf was old enough to learn, the Dragon started on him. And this time over, he was worse. Maybe it was because of the fire of his new work. Maybe he was just getting more relentless with age, but whenever the Dragon was home, he only torched the Dwarf.

It started over studies, but soon, moved on to irrational things. One thing you must know about the Dwarf is that he is, the perfect craftsman. The minute he was born, he started playing with scraps of metal. But oh no, oh no no. The Dragon detested this. Nay, he didn’t just detest it. He abhorred it. You would never see his fire as big as it was when he was torching the Dwarf.

One day, after a really irrational torching, the Unicorn burned with anger. He couldn’t see his brother being treated this way. His child like brother, who was more sensitive than any creature in the land.

He just couldn’t take it any more.

The fire, that took place that day, it shook the entire land. Creatures everywhere still talk about it. The Unicorn and the Dragon fought like never before. The Dragon had never seen this kind of an act before.

Wifey didn’t know what to do. She tried to come between them. Tried to calm her son down.  Because even then she knew, trying to talk sense into the Unicorn was more rational that trying to make the Dragon understand.

The Dragon couldn’t understand what was happening. Was his older son, blowing out fire on him? He had never seen that kind of fire. For a moment he thought it was not even fire. It was terror in its purest form. For a second here saw where he was wrong, but recovered quickly. He got angrier than he ever had. He couldn’t let his son have the power.

Just then the Unicorn saw what was going on. He stopped his own wrath and ran away. He went to the meadows. He let the Whispering Tree calm him down.

Later the Tree would teach him to control that terror.

Things returned to normal in a few days, as they always do. But after this time. All of them knew.

The Dragon wasn’t the only terror now. There was a new Dragon in town.

We come to a point where anything can happen. This is where the battle begins.

Will the Fire of the Dragon win?
The Terror of the Unicorn?
If you are in this fight with me.
Let me know. ( comment)
Team Dragon or Team Unicorn? 

– The Rebel .

Where Time Stood Still

The Unicorn’s life had now taken a still turn. It was as if time had slowed down, and that he was living the same day, everyday. He started getting more and more quiet. He said close to nothing at home. One reason being he wasn’t allowed to. Another being, he knew anything he said, would cause him trouble.

When I say, not allowed to, I mean, every time the Unicorn was loud, and excited and happy, he would positively get shot down by the Dragon. Everytime the Unicorn was happy, he would be told that if he was this happy about his work, his study, he would do better.

Sometimes, the Unicorn felt, the Dragon had taken it as a mission, to get rid of every bit of his happiness. The Unicorn grew up to feel ashamed every time he was happy, without an appropriate reason.

If this was what the Dragon retorted, at the Unicorn being happy, can you imagine what he must have said to the Unicorn being sad?

Every time, the Dragon screamed in his illegible voice and torched the Unicorn, the Unicorn would shed tears. I will never know how after so many years, the Unicorn still felt such sorrow and the Dragon’s words. But he did. Maybe he still had some love left in his heart.

But everytime he did cry, the Dragon would say, ‘ Son! If you do not stop crying this instant, I will come out there, and bash your skull. What have I done to you, worth crying? I haven’t hurt you. I haven’t hit you. So you will NOT cry.’

The Unicorn grew up thinking, that creatures only cried, if they were being hit by some one.

And this was just one of the warped ways in which the Unicorn was taught to see the world. He never knew that this was not how the world works. And that things didn’t have to be so hard all the time. Life isn’t meant to be worked through. You weren’t meant to break your way through. You weren’t meant to burn through this life.

Life is meant to be lived.
Life is meant to be loved.

The Unicorn wouldn’t know this for years and years to come.

But he would, and he would one day see the world as the beautiful place it is, instead of the place the Dragon had made it.

And that in itself gives us, a spark. A spark that says better times will come. And that spark? It makes the journey worth the trouble.

Is anybody there?
Phew. Thank you.
I wouldn’t be able to take this journey alone.

Tune into Radio 1607 in just a short time. We will be taking a break. A break called Life.

– The Rebel.

It Is The Age of The Dwarf

​I find it funny, that I have gotten so far in this story without introducing, the Dwarf.

Who is the Dwarf you ask?

The Dragon And Wifey had a few marvellous years with the Unicorn. That was until the Dwarf was born. I would like to say, that with the birth of the Dwarf changed nothing about our story. But it is never like that.

With the Dwarf’s birth, came the age of change. Now, the Dragon and Wifey, had two children to provide for. And that got rid of every bit of happy spirit they had in them. And the Unicorn lost everything about his home,  that made it Home.

Now it wasn’t a home. It was a regime. It was a routine. Life became about his studying only.

The Dragon found a gathering of dragons who taught children of other dragons how to  fight. As he would be working most of the day, there would be nobody to pay attention to his studies. So the Dragon became giddy with excitement, when he found the school.

Even though, the birth of the Dwarf changed everything, the Unicorn still loved him. He was the tiniest creature, the land had seen.
The Unicorn could see Wifey, was paying more attention to the Dwarf. But unlike other children, he never took this as a problem. He saw his mother loving this baby, and he loved it too.

I will never know, how the Unicorn found in himself, this maturity to accept his younger sibling with as much love as he had in him. I will never know, the exact moment the Unicorn grew up. I will never know what made him grow up. But one thing I know for sure. The Unicorn had grown up. And he grew up, much, much earlier than he should have.

There would be a lot more that the Dwarf would change. There would be fights the Unicorn would fight. Change is inevitable.  And things would change,  many times over. But for now, the story had a new character. An important one, too.

“Are you still with me?
This journey needs travelling.
I need you to travel this journey with me.
It is the only way of finding the truth.
So are you with me

– The Rebel.

“Love is magic at it’s very best” 

​One of the first things,the Unicorn learnt from ‘ The Whispering Tree’ was that  Love is the one thing that conquers everything.

“Love is beyond any other feeling and it overpowers any other reasoning. Love is anywhere and everywhere.”

“Creatures show Love in the most unusual ways ever.” The tree would say, ” Never forget that, my son, Love is what will make you different. Your love, is what will make you,you”

The Unicorn, fell a little bit more in love, with love, everyday.
The thing is, family is what teaches us how to love. We open our eyes for the first time, and we see them. We learn how to love from them.

Our family, fights to keep us happy. Our family is always there. When nothing else remains, it is family which helps us.

The Unicorn grew up thinking his family never loved him. He felt unloved from the second, the Dragon, towered over him. Him, a powerless mess.
One must never underestimate the feeling of Love.  Or the lack of it. The lack of Love established the personality of the Unicorn. He felt there was nothing about him, that could be loved.

What the Unicorn never knew was that,  Of course The Dragon and Wifey loved him. How couldn’t they? He was their son. But they never managed to show it, without reducing the Unicorn to tears. They thought they were caring for their child.

You tell me though? Is this healthy? Spending most of the childhood, in tears. Spending most moments together, fighting. Back then, there was nothing the Unicorn could do. He didn’t even know this was out of the blue. He felt this is how families behave.

Long, long after, when he found a friend, who became his family, he realised what he went through everyday, wasn’t what everyone went through.

“Stay with me. Stay with me because there is hope.

Stay with me because one day, the Unicorn will love

-The Rebel.