Diplomatic Beast

It happens so often that we read an entire book thinking a character is one the ‘good’ side and then towards the end of the book they ever so slightly change their side, and show us who they are. Fret not, we too have a character like this. It was as if this story was meant to be written. Such great,conflicted characters. But can you imagine how it would be to live with these creatures?

I can feel what torment the Unicorn has been going through. I can feel his will to live creeping up his throat and almost finding a way out. But that is yet to come. That is a result of years and years of surviving in the toxic atmosphere, that he was forced to believe as home.
I have been putting Wifey as a helpless character in front of you. For one, because she seems to be that way. But this is the person who taught the Unicorn that never be too quick to perceive somebody. For, they can turn on you within seconds.

Now Wifey came from a place where all creatures were brethren. Where all creatures lived together in the utmost harmony. So when she moved in to a place which was ready to rip her in to pieces. She did the only thing she felt she could have done to remain alive. She became toxic too.
We all know how the Dragon is. He is irrational, violent and a tsunami. But that’s all his faults at face value. The Wifey however, might just seem to you as the sweetest person you know. God knows, the Unicorn believed it for years. But this one, tis the one that shouldn’t be trusted. There never has been a person more….let’s say more ‘cunning’ than her. It confused the Unicorn to such a point that he felt alien in his own home. There were times when the Wifey fought against the Dragon, in order to save her children. The Unicorn thought she wanted to save them from his wrath. But little did he know, it is never that simple. There were times when Wifey teamed up with the Dragon and feasted on the hopes and dreams of the children. What brought about this? What made Wifey change her place so often? I have for you, an answer. She only fought for herself. Cunning as she is, she would be on the side most suitable for her. The side which would benefit her the most. And as unfortunate as it was, the side that she was on would be the winning one.
This was all when the Unicorn didn’t know any better. When he still believed they were right. It was not until he started his battle that he put them in their own place.
Wifey would be from now on, a character who’s smallest move should not be taken lightly. You look away for a second, and she has already betrayed you.
This is the creature to be aware of.
This is the creature who will let you down.

– The Rebel