Where Time Stood Still

The Unicorn’s life had now taken a still turn. It was as if time had slowed down, and that he was living the same day, everyday. He started getting more and more quiet. He said close to nothing at home. One reason being he wasn’t allowed to. Another being, he knew anything he said, would cause him trouble.

When I say, not allowed to, I mean, every time the Unicorn was loud, and excited and happy, he would positively get shot down by the Dragon. Everytime the Unicorn was happy, he would be told that if he was this happy about his work, his study, he would do better.

Sometimes, the Unicorn felt, the Dragon had taken it as a mission, to get rid of every bit of his happiness. The Unicorn grew up to feel ashamed every time he was happy, without an appropriate reason.

If this was what the Dragon retorted, at the Unicorn being happy, can you imagine what he must have said to the Unicorn being sad?

Every time, the Dragon screamed in his illegible voice and torched the Unicorn, the Unicorn would shed tears. I will never know how after so many years, the Unicorn still felt such sorrow and the Dragon’s words. But he did. Maybe he still had some love left in his heart.

But everytime he did cry, the Dragon would say, ‘ Son! If you do not stop crying this instant, I will come out there, and bash your skull. What have I done to you, worth crying? I haven’t hurt you. I haven’t hit you. So you will NOT cry.’

The Unicorn grew up thinking, that creatures only cried, if they were being hit by some one.

And this was just one of the warped ways in which the Unicorn was taught to see the world. He never knew that this was not how the world works. And that things didn’t have to be so hard all the time. Life isn’t meant to be worked through. You weren’t meant to break your way through. You weren’t meant to burn through this life.

Life is meant to be lived.
Life is meant to be loved.

The Unicorn wouldn’t know this for years and years to come.

But he would, and he would one day see the world as the beautiful place it is, instead of the place the Dragon had made it.

And that in itself gives us, a spark. A spark that says better times will come. And that spark? It makes the journey worth the trouble.

Is anybody there?
Phew. Thank you.
I wouldn’t be able to take this journey alone.

Tune into Radio 1607 in just a short time. We will be taking a break. A break called Life.

– The Rebel.


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