The Dwarf’s Advocate 

​As the Unicorn grew up, he started getting the courage to stand up against him. This was not an overnight thing. It was a slow process, over years and years.

The Unicorn began by thinking what he would say to the Dragon. There was a time where he couldn’t possibly imagine himself saying those things. That thought itself scared him.

As the Whispering Tree, taught him the right way of life, the Unicorn defied the Dragon every day in the smallest ways. This defiance. Keep this defiance in mind. Because this spark would one day, turn into a bout of absolute destruction.

The Unicorn still didn’t know where the Dragon was going wrong, but he knew this wasn’t right. And he never said a word when it was him being torched.
Unfortunately this meant, the anger would be bottled inside. And this wasn’t good for either of them.

For one day, it would erupt right out of the Unicorn and engulf the Dragon whole. And that day, would obviously come.

The first spark of rebellion I seem to recall, was the time the Dragon torched the Dwarf.

By this time, the Unicorn and the Dwarf had the relationship like most siblings.  They fought over stupid things every five minutes and soon after they’d lay laughing and playing around.

As soon as the Dwarf was old enough to learn, the Dragon started on him. And this time over, he was worse. Maybe it was because of the fire of his new work. Maybe he was just getting more relentless with age, but whenever the Dragon was home, he only torched the Dwarf.

It started over studies, but soon, moved on to irrational things. One thing you must know about the Dwarf is that he is, the perfect craftsman. The minute he was born, he started playing with scraps of metal. But oh no, oh no no. The Dragon detested this. Nay, he didn’t just detest it. He abhorred it. You would never see his fire as big as it was when he was torching the Dwarf.

One day, after a really irrational torching, the Unicorn burned with anger. He couldn’t see his brother being treated this way. His child like brother, who was more sensitive than any creature in the land.

He just couldn’t take it any more.

The fire, that took place that day, it shook the entire land. Creatures everywhere still talk about it. The Unicorn and the Dragon fought like never before. The Dragon had never seen this kind of an act before.

Wifey didn’t know what to do. She tried to come between them. Tried to calm her son down.  Because even then she knew, trying to talk sense into the Unicorn was more rational that trying to make the Dragon understand.

The Dragon couldn’t understand what was happening. Was his older son, blowing out fire on him? He had never seen that kind of fire. For a moment he thought it was not even fire. It was terror in its purest form. For a second here saw where he was wrong, but recovered quickly. He got angrier than he ever had. He couldn’t let his son have the power.

Just then the Unicorn saw what was going on. He stopped his own wrath and ran away. He went to the meadows. He let the Whispering Tree calm him down.

Later the Tree would teach him to control that terror.

Things returned to normal in a few days, as they always do. But after this time. All of them knew.

The Dragon wasn’t the only terror now. There was a new Dragon in town.

We come to a point where anything can happen. This is where the battle begins.

Will the Fire of the Dragon win?
The Terror of the Unicorn?
If you are in this fight with me.
Let me know. ( comment)
Team Dragon or Team Unicorn? 

– The Rebel .


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