The Whispering Tree

One day, after the Dragon had left for his work, the Unicorn ran out to the meadows. He wasn’t running away. No, he only wanted to breathe in peace. He wanted to breathe in air which was not polluted by the Dragon’s smoke.
He ran as far as the day took him. He ran to his heart’s content. It was the first time in his life, that he felt free. He felt that, for once, he could be who he wanted to be.
As he was returning from the edge of the meadows, he heard a force beckoning him. The force pulled him, as if it had a voice of its own. With a startle he realised,  it did.
” Come forth, my son”, It said,” I await you.”
It seemed to be coming from nowhere and everywhere at once. He left like the nature was talking to him. So he followed the voice,  the beckoning of the voice,  so powerful.
As he was pulled towards it, he saw the place, he would soon come to love. The place, he would go to when nothing felt right. The place he would run to, when he wanted to escape the Dragon.

Just a little bit away, from the Dragon’s Lair, was a small clearing, with a gnarled, old, majestic tree at its centre.

Make no mistake. This wasn’t a tree like any other. This tree was called ‘The Whispering Tree’
As he entered the clearing, suddenly his world was upside down. He felt feelings he didn’t even know he could feel.
The tree spoke to him again, ” Hello, my son, I have been waiting for you, I welcome you with open arms, for this is the place you can be whatever you want to be.”
” This is the place, you will never be judged. ”
The Unicorn was baffled by the sheer beauty of this place. It was a place like he had never seen before. He sat by the tree. The tree, took him as his own. He accepted the child for who he was. He told him what he needed to know. He told him of stories of the far,far land.

Every day, the Unicorn would go to his hideout. He would give in to the majesty of the ‘Whispering Tree ‘. The tree soon became his only solace. The poor Unicorn had no friends, he only had his tree. And to him, it was enough.
‘The Whispering Tree’ emerged him in worlds  stranger than his own, and distracted him from his own sorrows.

With the help of the tree, the Unicorn became who he was destined to be. He learned to survive with the Dragon. He survived without having to give in.

He finally, found his voice again.
And now, it was stronger than ever.

-The Rebel.


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