Dragon Tales 

​Most people aren’t clear cut protagonists or even antagonists. There are feelings and emotions that drive them. In their own way, they are right. They are trying to get what they want. Isn’t it unfortunate when what they want is against your peace?

Our Dragon was a character like that. He felt he had no one left in this world.  He felt he was doing the right thing. He thought making his child like him, was the only way to making him capable. But this, does not make what he did right. He ruined the Unicorn’s life from its very beginning and more than that he ruined Wifey’s life.

Him and Wifey had a different equation. Sometimes she went along with him,  sometimes she sided with the Unicorn. But it wasn’t nearly as simple as the Unicorn thought. Really, what she had been through was much more complicated.

To Wifey, her parents meant everything. She would have given up her life, and the entire world, in service to them. Mama and Papa Elf  had raised her well. She knew how one mustn’t force opinions upon another. She knew what the Dragon did at times,was wrong.
To make things worse than they even could be, the Dragon detested Mama and Papa Elf. He didn’t voice it so obviously in front of the Unicorn but he always knew. How bad was it to Wifey? That the people she grew up worshipping wouldn’t be a part of her life anymore?

Once Mama and Papa Elf gifted Wifey with something she loved. For reasons known completely to the Dragon himself, he caused havoc in their house, outraged at the Elves’ audacity to gift something to his wife. Maybe he felt that the Elves’ felt that he wasn’t competent enough to give her what she wanted.
Soon Wifey could barely meet her family. This broke her. But the Dragon was responsible for her survival. Without him, she would be dead within minutes. It wasn’t an easy world for an Elf with a child. So she stayed with him, trying to calm his wrath. Trying to making it easier to stay with him.

But after years and years of living with him,  Wifey was at least halfway under his spell. Even though she tried her best to keep the Unicorn safe and happy, sometimes she would give in to the Dragon’s wishes, and torture him as well. If she wouldn’t,  the Dragon would torch her.

In this, our characters fell into a quiet spell. The same story repeating itself day after day.

If it wasn’t for the ‘Whispering Tree’ I wonder how the Unicorn would have turned out to be.
-The Rebel.


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