The Little Fire Breathing Monster

This story isn’t really about the Dragon. It’s not really about me ( The Rebel) either. It’s about a lot more.

It’s about drowning our voices. It’s about fighting for what you want. All of us have a dragon in our life. By the end, I hope you learn to fight against it. Or at least recognise who it is.

But for now, let’s stick to the dragon. The poor little beast. Most stories start from birth, ours begins with death. I’m sorry, but that’s how life likes to creep up on us.Unlike most other dragons ours is not wrong…or even right. But I’ll let you decide that.

Our dragon was a young, carefree, fire-breathing, little monster. He did as he felt , his fire was the tale of a thousand places. No one seemed to stop talking about him. He was feared and loved ( I realised these two aren’t much different) by all.

But disaster, it doesn’t leave the good ones out( or anyone for that matter) For while he was away, a wave came in, and swallowed his family whole. The poor beast, for all his faults, loved his family with every bit of love he had in him. And now most of them, were dead. I say most, because he wasn’t all alone. No Sir, he had a Wifey.

Now Wifey, She came from a family of elves. ( hey don’t ask me… creatures married all sorts of things back then.) Wifey had grown up, in the happiest house in the world. Her parents meant the world to her. She was a kind thing. She calmed the Dragon’s fire. She was the only thing that kept the Dragon sane.

The Dragon was stuck in time. It felt like he had moved on. But he was stuck in his trauma. He was stuck in the death of him family. So he forgot to be there for the only things that remained in his life.

Now Wifey had a baby( DO NOT get into technicalities. ..ours is a weird world) But do imagine. What kind of a baby would a dragon and an elf have. It was as gruesome and as beautiful as a creature could be at the same time. That’s what it was. A paradox.

Um for our conviniece, let’s call him The Unicorn. Because all he wanted was to be unique. Different. Unprecedented. Weird.

The Dragon expected a lot. He expected so much from the Unicorn. His first child. He expected the Unicorn to be all he could never be. He expected the Unicorn to fill the void of his extinguished family.

“And that’s where the storm begins. From expectations. As always.
But wait,
As there is more to come

-The Rebel


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